Coveted Cakes & Tortes
multilayered cake tortesHere at Cake Elizabeth, all our cakes are Tortes! We believe cake is better with layer upon layer of fabulously flavorful fillings to truly indulge your taste buds.

All our cakes and tortes have 5 delicious layers and come in a large variety of flavors. Make your own combinations or if you cannot make up your mind choose one of our standard Torte Flavors which we have already tried and people love….if you are a chocolate person our Turtle Torte is a big favorite or if you love fruit we recommend the Strawberry Shortcake Torte! Bear in mind these only come in 6″ and 8″ round and have a fixed price, but if you need to serve more people , let us know and we will gladly accommodate you.

Please see your flavor choices on our FLAVORS page

Cake Elizabeth sizes are:

  • Our cakes come in round or square pans and are available in even inch increments from 6” to 22”.

Our full round size list:

  • 6″ serves 10
  • 8″ serves 18
  • 10″ serves 29
  • 12″ serves 41
  • 14″ serves 56
  • 16″ serves 73

Sheet Cakes

  • 9 x 13 serves 48
  • 11 x 15 serves 60
  • 12 x 18 serves 72

Square cakes serve a little more.

Cake Flavors:

Please go to our flavors page to see all the cake flavors, fillings and icings we have to choose from.

Torte Sizes:

Bursting with Flavor and suitable for any last minute hostess gift or gathering, these three layer tortes come in 6″ round and 8″ round, in a variety of fanciful flavors. Our most popular flavor is Chocolate Torte with Dulce De Leche filling & walnut topping. Take a look at all our exciting flavor options below.

Torte Flavors:

    • Black Forest Torte– This is a rich chocolate cake layered in between Chantilly cream and cherries with chocolate butter-cream or Italian meringue frosting. The sides are crusted with dark and white chocolate flakes, top and bottom, with cream borders and a generous topping of cherries.
    • Champagne Raspberry White Chocolate Torte– This champagne torte is an infused golden yellow cake among layers of raspberries and white chocolate butter-cream or Italian meringue with white chocolate shavings on the sides, top and bottom shell border and garnished with fresh raspberries (when available)  or raspberry puree.
    • Tropical Torte– Take your taste buds on a spree with this fresh lemon cake, layered with lemon curd, fresh strawberries, coconut cream and topped with toasted coconut.
    • Turtle Torte– This torte is a milk chocolate cake, layered with hazelnut creme,  gooey caramel and toasted walnuts, frosted in shiny rich chocolate ganache and garnished with toasted walnuts. Chocolate lovers beware!!
    • Grand Marnier Torte– This torte is made with fluffy orange cake among layers of grand marnier butter-cream or Italian meringue icing, 2 layers chocolate ganache, 1 layer orange ganache, topped with garnd marnier infused icing and garnished with orange slices. To die for!!!
    • Strawberry Shortcake Torte – This torte is a light french vanilla bean cake, layered in between cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries, frosted with cream cheese on the top and bottom shell border with a fabulous topping of fresh strawberries. A great seasonal treat for summer get-togethers.
    • Dark Chocolate Torte – This torte is a dark chocolate Kahlua laced cake, with 3 layers of chocolate ganache filling and 2 layers dulce de leche with toasted walnuts. Chocolate shavings adorn the side and top. It’s Icing is Chocolate butter-cream on the top and bottom shell borders. Trimmed with toasted walnuts this torte is truly dreamy.
    • Lemon Torte– The torte is a vanilla cake with 3 layers of lemon butter-cream icing and 2 layers lemon curd, trimmed with white chocolate shavings on the sides, top and bottom. Luscious lemon butter-cream icing shell borders and lemon curd on top complete this fresh tasting delight.
    • Toasted Coconut Torte-this is a coconut cake with coconut crème filling, coconut buttercream frosting and toasted coconut sprinkled on the top and the sides.My personal favorite!
    • Lemon Blueberry torte– fluffy lemon cake with  rich  fresh blueberry coulis and a fresh blueberry buttercream… For Maine blueberry lover’s!