Cutest Cupcake Creations
Pink Frosted CupcakesCupcakes are one of the easiest forms of cakes for sharing. Unlike a traditional cake, you can be certain that everyone enjoys the same experience of textures, tastes and flavor when they bite into one of these beautiful bite-sized morsels.

Unlike cake, you can’t mix and match our cupcakes flavors and toppings, but we have provided a list below of the best flavor combinations for you to choose from.


These irresistible treats come in three special sizes:

  • Cupcake minis – One bite cupcakes, great for children’s birthdays
  • Regular sized – These cupcakes last about two to three bites
  • Texas sized – These Texas sized treats are enough for two or perfect for a cake lover
    Minimum order of 1 dozen for minis.
    Minimum order of 6 units for regular or Texas.

Cupcakes come in foil wrappers or you can choose a custom wrapper. Normal toppings are included and custom decorations can be arranged. Please have a look at our FLAVORS combinations below.

Cupcake Flavor Combinations

1. Vanilla-Vanilla bean butter cream (moist, golden vanilla cake with real vanilla bean infused butter cream frosting)
2. Vanilla- Chocolate butter cream (moist, golden vanilla cake with creamy chocolate butter cream)
3. Vanilla- Chocolate ganache (moist golden cake with rich, dark chocolate ganache)
4. Chocolate- Vanilla bean (our signature fluffy, dark chocolate cake with real vanilla bean infused buttercream frosting)
5. Chocolate-Chocolate buttercream (our signature fluffy dark chocolate cake with creamy chocolate butter cream)
6. Chocolate-Chocolate ganache (for chocolate lovers, this combination is rich and decadent)
7. Chocolate- Peanut butter (a favorite among the youngsters and the men! This peanut butter frosting is killer! )
8. Chocolate-Cookies n’ cream (for Oreo cookie lover’s, this dark chocolate cupcake is topped with buttercream made with mashed Oreo cookies)
9. Coconut-Coconut with flakes (Coconut milk infused moist cake topped with creamy icing and sweet coconut flakes…my favorite!)
10. Red Velvet- Cream cheese (an all time best seller, moist cherry-chocolate cake with rich cream cheese icing)
11. Pumpkin – Cream cheese (Wonderful rich pumpkin, spiced cake with luscious creamy frosting…yum)
12. Chocolate – Coconut with flakes (an unexpected combination for your taste buds, moist, dark chocolate cake with coconut milk infused frosting and sweet coconut flakes.)
13. Chocolate – Dulce de leche ( rich dark chocolate cake topped with a typical South American concoction that resembles caramel but is basically a custard.)
14. Strawberry – Strawberry (light vanilla cake with chunks of real strawberries topped with a wonderful real fruit buttercream…to die for!)
15. Carrot cake- Cream cheese (Spices, carrots and nuts make up this light and fluffy cake, topped with rich cream cheese icing…can be made w/o nuts!)
16. Champagne-Raspberry filled -White chocolate Buttercream- (Our signature champagne infused yellow cake, filled with homemade raspberry preserves and topped with a creamy white chocolate frosting.)
17. Chocolate- Raspberry (Dark chocolate cake topped with a real fruit buttercream…excellent.)
18. Lemon-poppyseed- Lemon curd (light, lemony yellow cake with plenty of poppyseeds to give it a nutty flavor, topped with a home made lemon curd buttercream…..tart and sweet at the same time!)
19. Chocolate chip- Vanilla bean –( a favorite with little ones, this cake is sprinkled with mini chocolate morsels and topped with a creamy vanilla bean buttercream.)
20. Chocolate chip- Chocolate ganache (this cake appeals to chocolate lover’s big and small!)
21. Butter Rum- Boston creme filled – Chocolate ganache (Dark rum is added to this wonderful golden cake, which is then filled with Boston crème and topped with rich dark ganache.)
22. Vanilla-Mocha (golden vanilla cake topped with coffee infused buttercream for coffee lover’s!)
23. Chocolate-Mocha (for chocolate-coffee lover’s)
24. Chocolate or vanilla-Very Berry ( this cupcake has a beautiful presentation and is on the lighter side, chocolate or vanilla cake, topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting and garnished with mixed berries on top….a good end to a heavy meal!)
25. German chocolate-caramel pecan with toasted coconut flakes (Milk chocolate cake, topped with a gooey caramel pecan buttercream and covered with toasted coconut flakes.)
26. Chocolate-Rocky road (dark chocolate- marshmallow cake topped with a rich vanilla bean frosting and garnished with caramel, chocolate mini morsels, toasted walnuts and drizzled with chocolate ganache.)
27. Black forest-chocolate cake – vanilla buttercream and cherries. (dark chocolate cake topped with a creamy vanilla bean frosting and garnished with cherries.)
28. Vanilla-Blueberry (moist golden cake sprinkled with blueberries with real fruit buttercream icing.)

29.Vanilla-guava filling-dulce de leche buttercream (moist yellow cake with rich real fruit  guava paste filling and fluffy dulce de leche buttercream )

30.Pumpkin Chocolate Chip-Cream Cheese (moist pumpkin spice cake with mini chocolate chips ttopped with creamy cream cheese buttercream)