Cake Flavors

» French Vanilla » Yellow (with egg yolks)
» White (Egg whites only) » Chocolate
» Death by chocolate » German chocolate
» Red Velvet » Champagne
» Strawberry » Lemon
» Carrot Cake » Apple Spice
» Dark fruit cake » Bailey’s Irish Crème
» Grand Marnier » Amaretto
» Kahlua Crème » Butter Rum
» Champagne » Lemon Poppyseed

Cake Fillings

» Chocolate Ganache » Boston Crème
» Crème Brulee » Raspberry (fresh or jam)
» Strawberry (fresh or jam) » Lemon Curd
» Coconut » Caramel Pecan
» Dulce de Leche » Mango Ganache
» Orange Ganache » Amaretto
» Grand Marnier » Bailey’s Irish Crème
» Kahlua Crème »  Nutella (hazelnut)
>> Guava (guayaba)  >> Peach

Cake Icings

» Cream Cheese » Chocolate Butter-cream
» Peanut Butter-cream » Vanilla Bean Buttercream
» Meringue Chocolate » Italian Meringue
» Godiva White Chocolate » Amaretto
» Grand Marnier » Bailey’s Irish Crème
» Mocha   Buttercream

>>Strawberry Buttercream

>>Raspberry Buttercream

>>Blueberry Buttercream

>>Lemon Buttercream

>>Coconut Buttercream

>>Honey Mascarpone Buttercream

Torte Flavor Combinations

» Black Forest » Champagne Raspberry White Chocolate
» Tropical » Turtle
» Grand Marnier » Strawberry Shortcake
» Dark Chocolate » Lemon Torte

Cupcake Flavor Combinations

Cupcakes at Cake Elizabeth come in 3 sizes :
Regular (one person portion)
Mini’s (one bite)
Texas (enough to share)
1. Vanilla Vanilla bean butter cream (moist, golden vanilla cake with real vanilla bean infused butter cream frosting)
2. Vanilla – Chocolate butter cream (moist, golden vanilla cake with creamy chocolate butter cream)
3. Vanilla – Chocolate ganache (moist golden cake with rich, dark chocolate ganache)
4. Chocolate – Vanilla bean (our signature fluffy, dark chocolate cake with real vanilla bean infused buttercream frosting)
5. Chocolate – Chocolate buttercream (our signature fluffy dark chocolate cake with creamy chocolate butter cream)
6. Chocolate – Chocolate ganache (for chocolate lovers, this combination is rich and decadent)
7. Chocolate – Peanut butter (a favorite among the youngsters and the men! This peanut butter frosting is killer! )
8. Chocolate – Cookies n’ cream (for Oreo cookie lover’s, this dark chocolate cupcake is topped with buttercream made with mashed Oreo cookies)
9. Coconut – Coconut with flakes (Coconut milk infused moist cake topped with creamy icing and sweet coconut flakes…my favorite!)
10. Red Velvet – Cream cheese (an all time best seller, moist cherry-chocolate cake with rich cream cheese icing)
11. Pumpkin – Cream cheese (Wonderful rich pumpkin, spiced cake with luscious creamy frosting…yum)
12. Chocolate – Coconut with flakes (an unexpected combination for your taste buds, moist, dark chocolate cake with coconut milk infused frosting and sweet coconut flakes.)
13. Chocolate – Dulce de leche ( rich dark chocolate cake topped with a typical South American concoction that resembles caramel but is basically a custard.)
14. Strawberry – Strawberry (light vanilla cake with chunks of real strawberries topped with a wonderful real fruit buttercream…to die for!)
15. Carrot cake – Cream cheese (Spices, carrots and nuts make up this light and fluffy cake, topped with rich cream cheese icing…can be made w/o nuts!)
16. Champagne – Raspberry filled -White chocolate Buttercream- (Our signature champagne infused yellow cake, filled with homemade raspberry preserves and topped with a creamy white chocolate frosting.)
17. Chocolate – Raspberry (Dark chocolate cake topped with a real fruit buttercream…excellent.)
18. Lemon-poppyseed – Lemon curd (light, lemony yellow cake with plenty of poppyseeds to give it a nutty flavor, topped with a home made lemon curd buttercream…..tart and sweet at the same time!)
19. Chocolate chip – Vanilla bean –( a favorite with little ones, this cake is sprinkled with mini chocolate morsels and topped with a creamy vanilla bean buttercream.)
20. Chocolate chip – Chocolate ganache (this cake appeals to chocolate lover’s big and small!)
21. Butter Rum – Boston creme filled – Chocolate ganache (Dark rum is added to this wonderful golden cake, which is then filled with Boston crème and topped with rich dark ganache.)
22. Vanilla – Mocha (golden vanilla cake topped with coffee infused buttercream for coffee lover’s!)
23. Chocolate – Mocha (for chocolate-coffee lover’s)
24. Chocolate or vanilla – Very Berry ( this cupcake has a beautiful presentation and is on the lighter side, chocolate or vanilla cake, topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting and garnished with mixed berries on top….a good end to a heavy meal!)
25. German chocolate – caramel pecan with toasted coconut flakes (Milk chocolate cake, topped with a gooey caramel pecan buttercream and covered with toasted coconut flakes.)
26. Chocolate – Rocky road (dark chocolate- marshmellow cake topped with a rich vanilla bean frosting and garnished with caramel, chocolate mini morsels, toasted walnuts and drizzled with chocolate ganache.)
27. Black forest – chocolate cake- vanilla buttercream and cherries. (dark chocolate cake topped with a creamy vanilla bean frosting and garnished with cherries.)
28. Vanilla – Blueberry (moist golden cake sprinkled with blueberries with real fruit buttercream icing.)

Minimum order of 1 dozen per flavor.
Cake Elizabeth now offers cheesecakes,  beautiful Bundt pan cakes, and Dessert bars. Please call for flavors and pricing.